Cinnamon Sugar Blend

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Love having this very handy Cinnamon Sugar Blend ready to go.  This recipe is from my pantry cooking items.  When you’ve always worked lots of hours having pantry items ready makes cooking so much easier and more efficient.

I have been making this Cinnamon Sugar Blend for years to have as one of my favorite pantry staples. Some of my favorite dishes to use this on are  oatmeal, some buttered toast, rice pudding, in coffee, or on top of the foam on cappuccino.  Use it on anything you want to add a hint of sweetness.

Should you be following a Low Carbohydrate or Keto lifestyle this will also work by substituting a 1:1 ratio sweetener such as my favorite Lakanto Monkfruit Classic.


Cinnamon Sticks are ground into Cinnamon powder


I alway keep this near my coffee pot for a quick flavor boost when I don’t want just plain coffee.For the record I haven’t sweetened my coffee with anything in many years but this cinnamon sugar blend I enjoy once in a while.


Heavenly coffee


When I brew some cappuccino at home sometimes I do a light sprinkling of this on top of the foamed milk.


Yummy Cappuccino with a dusting on top


Cinnamon Sugar Blend


  • 1/2 cup granulated white sugar
  • 2 Tablespoon ground cinnamon


In a bowl add sugar and ground cinnamon.
Blend well.  Great to keep on hand.
Store in an airtight container.
For a shaker:  Save a spice bottle  that is finished, remove the label, thoroughly wash and dry before adding the cinnamon sugar mix.  Have your funnel handy to neatly fill the spice bottle.
I love to have some in an old clean and dry spice jar for easy access.   Use a funnel to fill for ease  with minimum mess.


Cinnamon Sugar Blend in a reused spice jar

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