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About Me

Started taking over cooking for my parents and brother by the time I was 10.   In fact my brother loved to cook also.

There is nothing more fun than being in the kitchen and creating new recipes.  Creating recipes is fun but learning to measure as I go not so much so!

My heritage is Hungarian and both parents were born in Hungary. They arrived in the United States when still fairly young and instilled a lot of the Eastern European cuisines and customs in our family while my brother and I were growing up.

Budapest is an incredible city to visit and is often called the Paris of the East.   Traveling there and other places such as Vienna with my parents was quite a fun experience too. Grateful to have had such interesting experiences growing up which has affected much of what I love to cook.  It’s that homemade comfort of childhood.

Started out food blogging in my spare time to write a cookbook for my children so they will always have the ability to make the foods they loved growing up.

Food has always been a real passion for me and now it’s time to more fully concentrate on my passions of food, travel, and writing.

It’s my time! After many years in owning corporations, working on children’s charities it’s time for me to play a lot more in the kitchen!

So, join me as we explore the amazing world of food….foods from all over and especially Hungarian food!




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